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Welcome to our studio! We're a small group circuit training studio that's been thriving since 2011.


Hi, I'm Joseph Videtto, founder of The Studio for Fitness. It all began when I was 20 and tried my very first mixed martial arts strength and conditioning class. Until then, I had only been lifting weights, with my days of cardio long gone since I stopped playing sports. That class kicked my ass, making me realize I wasn't in as great shape as I thought.

I was hooked. It was the first time I experienced a mix of lifting, cardio, and functional movements. Less than a year later, the gym where I took that class closed down, leaving me craving those high-intensity workouts.


Soon after, a good friend of mine opened a very small personal training studio, and the dream of hosting my own classes became a reality.

Despite studying finance and feeling out of place in the office world, I dove headfirst into recreating my own HIIT-style classes with a twist: more emphasis on lifting and individualized workouts to accommodate everyone's fitness goals and needs.


The studio grew rapidly, and before I knew it, I was offering to buy out my friend's small personal training studio. I ran that studio for five years, but we needed more space. An opportunity arose to expand our space, and for the past nine years, we've been thriving at our new location.


One of the greatest things about what we do is helping others realize their own potential. Along the way, I've had the privilege of helping countless individuals achieve their fitness goals, and now, I have another trainer, Ed Amoroso, who continues to help the dream grow. Our passion for fitness and our fun, energetic vibe have created a fantastic place to achieve your fitness goals.

If you're interested in working with either one of us or trying a class, reach out - we're here to help!

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We are are here to help.  Reach out today!


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