A Small group atmosphere that creates a fun and unique workout experience.  Expert direction that keeps you motivated and inspired.

A Circuit is a combination of exercises performed for a set amount of time before resting.

Workouts at the studio consist of 6 separate Circuits.  Each Circuit Routine consists of 2 different exercises.

To ensure a healthy and safe work out environment, we now offer floor to ceiling partitions to separate work out areas, sanitizing stations in each grid, and reduced class sizes (6 people per class).

The Studio For Fitness
310 Central Street
Saugus, MA 01906
The Studio For Fitness is a highly effective circuit training facility.  We specialize in weight-loss and muscle development.  Learn proper form and technique from a trained professional.  Don't just do the movements, feel the movements.  Learn to isolate muscles and shape your body by creating time under tension.